ACL welcomes Mike Szczepankewicz of Pospiech Cigars Friday, June 8th!

We are excited to welcome Mike Szczepankewicz of Pospiech Cigars to the Apex Cigar Lounge on Friday, June 8th starting at 6pm. Mike is owner of Pospiech cigars, a boutique cigar company with a portfolio of cigars, most of which are manufactured at the Nica Suena factory, RoMaCraft Cigars factory. Mike is also co-owner of Cigar Hustler, the renowned cigar shop out of Deltona, Florida. Mike rarely comes out to events as you can see he is very busy maintaining his brands and shop. This a great opportunity to meet a highly experienced cigar industry expert and enjoy some of his great cigars! The Apex Cigar Lounge food crew will be out back on the farm grounds by the garden and barns preparing some great food for customers who head on out and meet Mike and enjoy some cigars.  

Stay tuned for more updates on specials, deals, and prizes.

Some of Apex Cigar Lounge's Pospiech cigars offered:

  • Powstanie Broadleaf - Full - notes of chocolate, sweet spice, espresso, & caramel
  • Powstanie Habano - Medium Full - notes of sweet spice (more so than the broadleaf), espresso, caramel
  • Fable Fourth Prime - Full - notes of chocolate, floral, roasted nuts
  • Chogui - Medium Full - notes of black pepper, wood, coffee
  • FQ Proper - Full - notes of chocolate, subtle rum sweetness
  • Guaimaro - Full - notes of dark chocolate, earth, black pepper